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Charity Treasure classifieds

Charity Treasure Classifieds is part of the donate2it fundraising platform. The platform was created to provide a way for Charities and individuals to raise money for worthy causes.

Why We Created Charity Treasure
We were meeting with the good people at Engaging Creative Minds about a fundraiser they were starting. During the meeting one person mentioned that it would be great if there was a way for nonprofit organizations to post online items they need.

From that conversation an idea took root. As we meet with other groups they confirmed the need. It became apparent that most charities are concerned with raising money to support their mission critical needs and the people they serve. Office furniture, IT equipment and other basics are secondary to accomplishing their mission.

After a lot of brainstorming the idea of a site that allowed charities to request items for their non mission critical needs started taking shape and Donate2it Charity Treasure was created. A place where nonprofits can post about items on their wishlist and companies and individuals with those items can contact them and or post items they have and are willing to donate.

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